Bully Documentary was founded in 2005 and is named for that great American exultation, "That's bully!", a favorite phrase of adventurer, naturalist, author and sometimes president Theodore Roosevelt.

Frank Eaton, Founder

Frank Eaton is a North Carolina native with a passion for politics, people, and the systems that serve them.

Following his kidnapping in Haiti in December 2005, Frank returned to North Carolina determined to focus on progressive advocacy here in his home state. He founded The Bully Documentary Co. to serve as a vehicle for media-making that advocates for justice and community strengthening in his home city, across the state, and beyond.

In his fifteen years of filmmaking, Eaton has sought variation in his experiences. He is the founding filmmaking faculty member at the Winston-Salem Youth Arts Institute, teaching video to kids from public housing. He has created fundraising videos for non-profits like The Arts Council and Project Reentry, which eases the transition of convicted felons from prison to society. He has created documentaries for huge American banking utilities and music videos for Haitian hip hop artists. In the 2008 election, his pro-bono work for Congressional candidate Roy Carter was unsuccessfully targeted by the NC Republican Party as a violation of Federal Election Law.

Technically precise and emotionally persuasive, his professional work stands out in the field, informed by this staunch philosophy of cross-disciplinary adventuring.

Jay Dunbar, Project Manager

A born storyteller with eight years experience writing in media relations and development for several New York City non-profits, Dunbar knows how to appeal to the hearts and minds of his audience. Thanks to a diverse professional background as an educator, chef and restauranteur, hospice care worker, and even manual laborer, he has an uncanny ability to empathize with lives of those he interviews. His work as an editor is concise and convincing, and he has assisted in the production of dozens of pieces for film, TV, and mediation.

A graduate of North Carolina State University with a B.A. in English, Dunbar studied Film at the University of Kentucky and began producing in film, video, and print in 1998. He is also the co-author of Working At The Speed Of Trust, a business manual for 21st Century entrepreneurs.

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